Seriously, reading again!?! of course.

Dear World,

Why can’t my friends understand that I read because I like it and I’m not avoiding them?

Like doesn’t even begin to describe the way some people feel about books. If you borrow a book from a true book lover there are always rules you need to follow. Don’t bend the pages, don’t crease the spine, spill anything on it and you won’t even have a friend anymore. I’ve learned to love to read. Learned. As in I took the time to practice and continued reading until I got to a point where it was second nature. It gives me such joy to start a book that I don’t think it’s comparable to any other feeling. You can try to tell me I’m crazy, that I read too much, that I’m becoming a HERMIT, but I will never give up something I love this much because you feel like you need more attention. We’re friends, allow me to enjoy my moments of solitude and books, and in return I will give you all of myself and hold nothing back whenever we are together. This I can promise you.

Kindest Regards,

You Closest Friend


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