Dear World,

Why do I have to come up with excuses to sit at home alone?

I’m busy, I’m tired, I have work to do. The vagueness of the excuse means I just don’t want to see you or anyone else at the moment. Using excuses for the most part makes my life easier. You don’t get hurt because I don’t want to hang out, I’m suddenly busy and not some loser who just wants to be alone, and it make me sound less depressing. Except, why do I even need to come up with an excuse? Everyone need alone time at some point, introvert, extrovert, and ambivert alike! Let us all embarrass that side of ourselves that says “hey, you need some time alone”. From now on I’m just going to tell you I’m drained and need some time to recharge, without you, alone in my room, with netflix, and popcorn.

Kindest Regards,

Your Closest Friend


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