Dear World,

How do I become an extrovert if I’m an introvert?

I can’t imagine losing the introverted part of myself, but sometimes when I look at extroverts I get jealous. Exceedingly jealous. They easily interact with groups, they appear confident and all knowing, they can make friends easily, and they are the life of the party. Whereas I stand on the fringes looking at the world around me wishing I knew what to say and how to interact with them. It isn’t the people that scare me, or the situation per say, but the after. Making new friends can sometimes mean building a new world. How much time do I devote to one group and how much time can I devote to the other without angering anyone and still giving myself much needed solitude. It takes time and effort to nurture new relationships because the defenses I throw up need to crumble. Extroverts always look like they make friends, and maintain those friendships so easily because they don’t need to devote as much time to themselves. They’re comfortable going out and I’m more comfortable staying in. In that regard sometimes I do wish I was like an extrovert open, alive, and in control of social situations. Although, never disregard the introvert. We’re careful about who we let in, but when we let you in you’ll see sides of use other only get to glimpse. And – we’re pretty fantastic.

Kindest Regards,

Your Closest Friend


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