I Love My Family…Really I Do.

Dear World,

I love my relatives, but when they come to visit I just go crazy because there’s always someone around. How do I find time to recharge without insulting them?

Sometimes being stuck in a house with 10 other people with nowhere to go can be suffocating. These are people you only see once a year or maybe every two! How dare you not spend all the time you have with them. Except, nature is a funny thing. I can’t help but get frustrated and emotional when I can’t find time for myself to recharge and get ready for another day of people. So if I wake up early and give myself an hour of alone time just me, some coffee, and a book. Please respect that. I’m all yours the other 15 hours of the day. Creating a morning ritual is my favourite thing to so because it gives me that little carved out niche of time that I need. I must take after my papa who every morning walks to the closest Tim Horton’s so he can do some people watching. Try it. Mornings are beautiful and I’ve learned to love them for better or for worse.

Kindest Regards,

Your Closest Friend


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