Science at it again!

Dear World,

What type of introvert are you?

According to a very scientific study (Science Of Us) I’m considered a “Social Introvert”. Now, I probably would have said I’m a pessimistic introvert, but that wasn’t an option. I’ll talk about that some other time. Social introverts are the classic introvert. They like to stay at home and read a book or play on the computer, but also prefer small gatherings of friends over large groups. Well, science you’ve done it again because that’s me a nutshell. The classic introvert. Always the underachiever, but what can I say. The other options were anxious, restrained, and thinking. All of which I don’t really classify with. I may be socially awkward, but couldn’t care less about what people think of me. Therefore, I’m not an anxious person. Early mornings are my favourite time of day so restrained introversion doesn’t fit me. Finally, thinking introversion. I could get behind this classification if only for the fact that these are the dreamers of the introvert world. The ones who come up with stories in their head and picture themselves the hero of their latest book. What I don’t identify with is that this type doesn’t shy away from regular social gatherings. Put me in a room with 10 other people I need to talk to and I’ll have disappeared in three minutes flat. So, classic introvert I shall be!

Kindest Regards,

Your Closest Friend


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