Today is a Sad Day

Dear World,

What is your life’s blood?

I always thought I should answer this question with a reasonable non commercialized response, but alas I’m only human. My life’s blood is my books. My world beyond the reality of this one. Now why you ask is today a sad day. Well my Kobo breathed its last. Five years we’ve been together dancing across Sahara landscapes, fighting and conquering kingdoms, falling in and out of love. I’m terribly sad to see it go. For someone who spends so much time reading not having that book readily available is depressing to say the least. I suppose now I’m going to reread the classics from my childhood, since I haven’t bought a book a physical book in over five years. They’ll have to sustain me until I can find an eReader with a button to turn the pages. Turns out those are actually hard to find!

Until we meet again Kobo I’ll be dreaming about you.

Kindest Regards,

Your Closest Friend

P.S. Yes this is dramatic…no I’m not kidding.


One thought on “Today is a Sad Day”

  1. Quick little update!
    I managed to take a screen from a frozen Kobo and replace my broken screen with the new one. Hoping to get at least another year out of this one before I’m forced to upgrade to something without a button 😦


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