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Seriously, reading again!?! of course.

Dear World,

Why can’t my friends understand that I read because I like it and I’m not avoiding them?

Like doesn’t even begin to describe the way some people feel about books. If you borrow a book from a true book lover there are always rules you need to follow. Don’t bend the pages, don’t crease the spine, spill anything on it and you won’t even have a friend anymore. I’ve learned to love to read. Learned. As in I took the time to practice and continued reading until I got to a point where it was second nature. It gives me such joy to start a book that I don’t think it’s comparable to any other feeling. You can try to tell me I’m crazy, that I read too much, that I’m becoming a HERMIT, but I will never give up something I love this much because you feel like you need more attention. We’re friends, allow me to enjoy my moments of solitude and books, and in return I will give you all of myself and hold nothing back whenever we are together. This I can promise you.

Kindest Regards,

You Closest Friend


Surprisingly, I AM NOT A HERMIT

Dear World,

Why don’t my friends believe I’m not a hermit?

Hermit is such a simple word, and yet it’s used against me. To try to convince me I should do something against my nature. If I want to go home to read, “Oh, you’re such a hermit”. Don’t want to go out dancing prefer to have a quiet night, “Stop being a hermit!”. Darling, I’m stubborn and an introvert. Calling me names will not compel me to bend to your will…remember the phone thing? You can’t use my nature against me or make me feel guilty for who I am. I may enjoy recharging on my own, but I also enjoy spending time with you and that my friend is the opposite of what is a true hermit.

Kindest Regards,

Your Closest Friend