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Pessimistic Introvert

Dear World,

What is a pessimistic introvert?

I’m constantly getting remarks about how I should smile more, talk more, be nicer, think more positive, etc. Do I disagree with them? No, not really I could smile more, talk more, be a little more positive, but to me that would be giving a false impression of who I am. I’m a pessimistic introvert. My glass is half empty and I like that about me (see that was positive). The beauty of being a pessimist is that I’m rarely disappointed. Being a pessimist means if something doesn’t work out well I can’t really be sad about it since I didn’t think it was going to work in the first place. I feel like growing up I learned to talk less because I was always being badgered about the fact that I was “so negative” and being told to “be more positive”. Being an introvert helped in the fact that I study people and only really talk when I have something to contribute. To think people are always being told you have to listen more. Try being an introvert and you’ll learn that skill real fast. Combine the two traits together and you get someone who’s really quiet and almost always mistaken as shy or embarrassed which is not the case at all. Secretly I’m just judging you, but am nice enough not to say it out loud.

Kindest Regards,

Your Closest Friend